What is Air Freight Charter?

Air freight charter is a term that refers to a variety of commercial companies that provide freight handling services worldwide through airplanes. These organizations are mostly found in the private sector, which is a highly competitive market.

Air freight charter services are provided by operators who own aircraft and use the belly hold to transport cargo as part of a door to door service for shippers and importers of products located across the world.

Certain air freight charter services can arrange for the carriage of large or overweight goods in a single consignment for the customer, eliminating delays and losses associated with fragmented shipments.

There are also air freight charter services that can arrange for the transportation of relief or aid cargo during times of international emergencies and disasters. Because scheduled airlines will most likely lack access to convenient airports, chartering an aircraft is the ideal solution for many aid organizations in order to quickly transport equipment and personnel.

Numerous businesses across the globe utilize air freight charter to ensure that fresh produce or perishable items are delivered on time, as they frequently have aircraft particularly equipped to transport such goods and also avoid the delays associated with scheduled flights.

Numerous individuals are increasingly utilizing air freight charters to carry “must-go” cargo throughout the world in order to fulfill deadlines. This is especially critical if a penalty clause applies for late deliveries or if a business suffers significant losses as a result of delays.

Additionally, air freight charter is used to carry risky and hazardous items that must be separated from other cargo and maintained in optimal condition. Additionally, it is used for the transportation of livestock, as many air freight companies have planes adapted to transport animals such as rhinos, antelopes, and horses, and it is critical that the livestock is transported quickly (to avoid undue stress) and in comfortable conditions throughout the journey.

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